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dillon powder measure jammed

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Hi, I have the 'old style' powder measure with the spring and it is giving me major hassles. The darn thing is sticking like a mother. I disassembled it, cleaned it with solvent, let it dry and the thing is still jamming in either the 'open' position or 'half closed' its hard to describe. I emailed dillonhelp and tried the tips on their tech help page to no avail... I'm using the extrasmall powder bar and the correct spacer, and clays powder.



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I use the old style and I believe that you'll find that quite a few of us prefer the old style. Mine gets jammed up sometimes and for some reason a burr develops. The burr is inside the measure where the powder bar slides back and forth. I use a file to remove the burr and it goes back to working like new.


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I used to get that from time to time, cleaning regularly is the best way of prevention, but it is not perfect. If you feel even the remotest burr or dent, stone or file it out. Check the measure/s regularly.

I have switched all but two of my measures to the new system, BUT I kept the springs. The powder failsafe works same as intended, except that when the failsafe rod trips the lock it slams the powder bar back. No hang up, bang!

This will help with the powder that can get trapped between the sliding parts and helps settle the powder down better. Dillon will supply you the springs if you have none for the new system.

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