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2005 AREA 2 - 3 GUN Match

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The 2005 USPSA Area 2 - 3 Gun match now has 4 separate divisions with 4 separate prize tables. We have OPEN, LIMITED, TACTICAL and HEAVY METAL.

Open, Limited and Tactical will use USPSA's current rules as far as equipment goes. Tactical class may use any one type of scope on the rifle.

The Heavy Metal class will use the following rules:

Holster: Practical / Tactical carry holster ( Non Race type )

Handgun: Same as Limited rules except minimum 44 caliber and 10 rds MAX on mags.

Shotgun: 12 Gauge PUMP only, 8+1 MAX in the gun total, Iron sights, No porting, No comps, No speed loaders.

Rifle: .308 caliber minimum, Iron Sights, 20 rds MAX on mags, No Bi-pods, Compensators and Flash Hiders are OK.

You Must shoot MAJOR Power Factor on all 3 guns.


Ronald Walter Filho

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