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Beretta 1301 Tactical reducer plug removal?


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Does anyone know how to remove the Beretta 1301 Tactical's reducer plug? I went to load the magazine tube and it only took 2 shells.

So my 1301 Tactical must have a reducer plug installed. With it removed the magazine tube is supposed to hold 4 shells.

No luck at the Beretta USA Q&A section; maybe because the 1301 Tactical is still relatively new.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or directions.

This site is terrific and I hope to learn a bunch and latter even contribute.

Dave "Djay3"

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Unscrew the retaining cap on the end of the forearm.

Remove the forearm.

If you look at the side of the mag tube, you will see a small slot. The reducing plug is held in by that slot. Push in with a small flat blade screw driver and you can then remove the plug.


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