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Things to practice at home


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things *not* to practice in the living room.... I've been told that practicing "indexing" my AR from target to target (using the balconies of the apartment building about 100 yards down the street) is a bad thing.

Apparently, it makes people nervous, starting with my wife.



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Indexing targets that you do not intend on destroying: A good friend Jeff was indexing targets when his girlfriends cat came into view, well our view on cats are similiar, but anyways, he got a good sight pictures, slowly squeezed and had one dead cat on his lawn with 55grn .223 hole. Soooo thats one lesson I learned via someone else about practicing. To the original question about practicing shotgun in the house, I have 15 or so loads with no primers that I got from the good boys at Dillon and practice loading, sometimes have the gun empty and reload 2 sometimes 4 sometimes all 8, gotta get faster reloading thats the name of the game with 3 gun(shotgun)

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