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Level 1 match- number of classifiers?


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Didn't we just get a new rulebook??

A shooter at our club brought to my attention that the limit of 1 classifier in a Level 1 match(other than a once a year Special match) has been changed. When I asked where he saw that was the first time that I heard about the Report to the Membership posted on the main USPSA page. (as an aside, we cannot get an email system together for all members to be notified about such things as the report?)

I checked and there it was

"Ending the Classifier Limit

One major administrative change for 2014 is the elimination of the 12 per year limit on USPSA classifier

score submissions. The development of the new activity credit system means there is no longer a need

for this restriction and clubs may now submit as many classifiers as they like. This also means the

restriction of one classifier per match without a special classifier is also removed. We hope this gives

clubs more flexibility in their match design and helps clubs get new shooters classified faster."

I don't see that change in the new rulebook- how am I as an MD supposed to answer a shooter when I don't know anything about it and the brand new RULEbook that went into effect 2 weeks ago does not say it?

Not to mention that I don't even think that the scoring software will ALLOW us to upload more than 1 unless it is a Classifier match. Posting about that in the scoring forum though.

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