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Will this Crimson Trace fit a Witness full-size?


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I know this is a bit OT, but can anyone tell my why on eart CT grips are so farken expensive!?! I can understand 20 years ago, but these days lasers of that size/quality are dirt cheap, plastic/rubber moulded stuff is not so expensive. I can't see anything there that warrants $300+ pricing? in my country a basic model is $400 USD!!! sure there's some tax in that, but still. For $150 or so I'd have a few pairs on my pistols. and this is where pricing becomes important. at $400 a pair I won't event buy one. at $150 a pair I'd buy 3 straight away. so at one price point they get $0 of my money. at another they get $450 which is more than even buying 1 pair at the regular price.

I just think ther are many others who would buy them if the price were a bit more reasonable/justifiable...

rant over!

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