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two toolhead method for 9mm


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I have about 5000 military crimped 9mm that I need to process. I've used the two toolhead approach for 223

So my questions is this. Can I use this approach to do 9mm? I understand that cleaning primer pockets is a useless step but I like to do it. Here is what I was thinking



toolhead one: size, decap

swage and clean primer pockets


Toolhead two Universal decaper (make sure no media) primer, powder, expand mouth, bullet, crimp.

Doing it this way will assure non of the brass with have any lube on it (although one shot is suppose to help this) I tumble in SS wet media so tumbling after is not applicable.

Lube isn't necessary for the belling of the mouth and the crimping correct?

Thanks for the help this is a great forum! I did search for this topic but was unsuccessful.

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How are you swaging? I use a Dillon Super swage and just run everything through station one on my 550, swage it, and then just run it back normally through the press. It goes through the sizing die twice but that doesn't matter and it doesn't require a second toolhead. I also use One Shot so no need to tumble again but that's just my preference.

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I'm using a 650 with swagger purchased from ebay (I know this is not recommended but i'm using an aftermarket shell plate) I then clean the primer pockets with a Laymen Case prep express.

I like the idea I can have a bucket of 9mm brass already sized so when I want to load I throw it in the feeder and go to work without any lubing.

This military brass is very dirty and a lot of it is old. I really only plan on cleaning the pockets this first go around and maybe after a few uses.

Thanks for the reply's!!!!

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If you tumble in wet SS, and you decapp first, you get clean primer pockets. that's how I roll, though i separate my crimped after cleaning to process latter (sorted using a ballistic tools pocket gage).

I would think that you could decapp with a universal decapper and then swage, clean in SS, then lube and go through the normal loading process.

Is there any reason you have an objection of lubing and loading to completion?

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I use this exact method on my "match" rounds, however as ropsitos said, all using two heads really gets you is clean primer pockets. For my plinking rounds I just tumble and then run through.

I honestly cannot see much difference between the clean vs dirty primer pockets in shooting 60k rounds so far.

One caveat is that the first operation either way should be sizing to avoid working the brass too much unless you use two swage backup rods and turn/sand down the expanding portion on the first one used.

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