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Vepr stock change and mods?


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There is nothing offered at the present that adapts to the swing mechanism... I thought I'd get the tack welded folder instead of the cheepo wooden stock > (which is easier to adapt any AK/AR stock to)... my mistake. I assumed that the folder had all the latest upgrades?, but apparently there was nothing much to improve?. I did add a stop to the cheek rest to keep it from moving while shooting.... 1st time out at a match and I was finding my cheek on bare metal...NOT good!. Go to Vepr.com or the Sagia 12/Vepr site for more info... I'm "mikeAZ" at either one, (I've tried to be a good reporter on my "Vepr" journey). EZ 922 compliant parts are pretty much the same as for the Saiga 12 , except for the mags,... (different follower) There have been a few offers for an even up trade but the "wooden" stock was $200 less than the folder, not a good deal in my mind.... Are you on the pre-order list for the 25 rd. drum? ...it's pretty close now....I was impressed the 1st. time in a match... 5 rd., 10 rd., 12rd., mags were flawless. She ran like a clock thru 4 stages... 1255 fps x 71/2 shot x 1 oz... plus all low velocity slugs & #9 buckshot. Need any more info?, PM me. Mike in AZ...ain't NO stinking snow here !!!!.

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Hey thanks for the help. That's what I was afraid of with the metal stock.....and they just sold out of the normal stocks in December...

So would you go with a Saiga if you had to do again? Or just wait for the normal stocked Vepr to come back in stock?



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