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Breakthrough in my non dominant vison


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So after decades of pistol and shotgun shooting problems with my non-dominant vision (I don't have a dominant eye. I used to be left dominant as a kid, but years of trying to get to be right eye dominant so I could shoot a shotgun, created a non dominant issue). So I was reading an article by Gabriel “OragamiAK” White and some of his drills to help with cross dominance and other common vision issues associated with pistol shooting. This (http://pistol-training.com/articles/vision) has essentially fixed my problem. I always struggled with snapping back and forth from sight alignment and target during transitions. This has made either slow or inaccurate on transitions. But I think a revelation has been made. For those of you fighting with non eye dominance, or even just for a good read check it out. I will warn you that it will give you a headache like those magic 3d pictures as the same thing is taking place.

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