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STI Edge and C-More mount


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I'm looking to put a C-More Slide Ride and a mount on my H/C edge .40. I kind of decided on a 90 degree mount.

Maybe a Quinn III or Cheely. Should I but the parts first, then send it off to get my frame drilled and tapped,

or buy everything where I would have the machine work done?

Wouldn't the gunsmith want to have the parts on hand to see if the mounted C-More didn't rub on the slide?

How would I go about doing this?

After I had my frame D/T, would other mounts fit? Are the spacing of the holes the same? I guess that the thickness of

the mounts vary though.

Who would YOU have your frame worked on?

Would there be a problem with the hard chrome where the holes were drilled? (I know it would be under the mount.)

Point me in the right direction-


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It's better to send all the parts at the same time, especially if your slide is not flat topped. Many times you will have to flat top it to get it right for the 90 degree mount since it sits so low but there is a little variance there to D/T the holes but not much. Normally, after one mount has been fitted, the others will fit. I have changed from a Cheely to a Quinn and the height was so close, you really couldn't tell there was a difference. The Cameron's was a little different and didn't fit the thumb rest I like so I never got to use that one. The Predator mount is very similar to the others also. I know several who are good at working on stuff like this, Pedro at Ortiz Custom, Glenn at Lone Star Innovations, Benny at Triangle Shooting...I have had work from all these guys and they do excellent work, great prices, and best of all, the wait times are very minimal. If you are like me, I hate waiting for my guns to come back and these guys have proven to be very quick on the turn-around times and I'm very happy with their work.

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Yes, the smith should have all the parts for the work you want done. The work you listed can really be done by any smith. Sending it off would add unneeded cost to the project and you might wait months. Make sure you ask "How long and how much".

Shooting is expensive enough--Why are you going for a 40 open? Major difference in the cost of a 115 9MM and a 165 40. 40 threaded barrels are not easy to find. Big sticks in 40 are even harder to find.

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