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Darrell Holland's Long Range Shooting School April 2014


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April 3rd-6th

OR April 7th -10th

at Cawthon Cartridge Club

just S of College Station TX

Hollands intensive 4-Day Long Range Shooting School will provide you with the knowledge and skill to engage targets at long range. Most of our shooting is done between 300-800 yards.

$2095 per Shooter



Darrell Holland is skilled in the art of Long Range Shooting, utilizing Minute Of Angle correction and Mil-radian range finding techniques

Classes are small, providing the student with more personalized instruction.

All Shooting is done under realistic outdoor conditions at CCC. We shoot under the same conditions you may encounter in the field.

When you come to Hollands Long Range Shooting School you will notice quickly the commitment for each shooter to be able to make a perfect shot under duress from field positions. When hunting or if you are in a field or tactical match, the ability to shoot well when tired or emotionally stressed is paramount.

To be able to shoot consistently you must have correct shooting form that does not add stress or muscle fatigue.

Darrell Holland will provide detailed instruction and practical exercises in the following areas:

Equipment Selection


Range Finding

MOA Correction

Shooting in the Wind

Uphill-Downhill Shooting

Advanced Shooting Techniques

Rifle Maintenance

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