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Very crazy iron sight idea...


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Okay, fair warning, this one is off the wall, even for me. Another fair warning, it involves the silly NY/CA AR compliance stocks, which can be painful to look at, so proceed with caution. Have a look at this:


Now, after your eyes stop hurting, picture it without the Eotech or standard AR sights. Now, picture it with something like M1A sights... a good low rear aperture way back on the buffer tube, right next to the shooter's eye, and a good low front sight way out near the muzzle.

A sweet, long sight radius, down close to the bore, but with AR mags and controls..... what's not to like? And you certainly wouldn't have any trouble spotting your gun in the racks.

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Wouldn't the benefit of the inline recoil system be reduced if the stock it dropped enough to use lower sights?

Yes, but 5.56 isn't exactly punishing to begin with, and not having to worry about sight offset could easily speed up close range stuff to take away the time added my increasing muzzle rise.

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