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Greetings from South Africa


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Montana boy, married and living in Idaho until last year we moved to South Africa to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Montana is the perfect place to grow up. When I was 11, we could buy a combination hunting/fishing license for $11 which included 2 deer tags, an elk tag, bear tag, pheasant and fishing license. We did get an antelope tag but had to submit to a draw for the actual tag...Happily, my parents bought me a 30-30 Savage bolt action for Christmas and from then until college harvested 2 deer every year, once an antelope, lots of fish, but no luck with pheasants, ducks, or elk.

Here in South Africa it is not going to happen that I will purchase and carry a handgun, so I am unarmed. Still vitally interested in concealed carry, for when I return to the states. One benefit of being unarmed is that I am constantly in a state of high alert. Many lessons learned.

Love to read the knowledge of others on reloading, sights, gunsmithing, double tap, basically every aspect of owning rifles and handguns. Not too sure of shotguns, could never hit anything with them.

Wish me luck

"Never slap a man chewing tobacco." Cowboy wisdom

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