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Idpa 1911 9mm


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Thanks, that's what I was told, sorta.

Is there sorta of a BRIEF list of handguns allowed in each category

No list of allowed guns.

Just about any centerfire handgun of "service pistol" size is going to be legal for ESP division. You see Glocks, M&Ps, CZ75s, XDs, Hi-Powers, medium-bore 1911s; just about any 9mm that holds at least ten rounds has some amount of popularity. You do see some .40s and .45s, but there's no scoring advantage for larger/more powerful rounds, so just about everyone shoots 9.

Striker-fired and DA guns, with an ever-growing list of allowed modifications, are allowed in SSP. I sometimes call SSP, "ESP without a magwell", as so many mods are now allowed in "stock" division, that there really isn't much difference, anymore. You see the same guns, other than single action only guns like the HP and 1911, as you do in ESP.

CDP is essentially ESP with 8-round capacity limit, and only .45 ACP.

So, a stock(ish) Glock 21 can be shot in SSP, ESP, and CDP, since it's striker-fired, mostly stock, and chambered in .45 ACP.

Your Trojan is legal for ESP, and that's it, since it has a single action trigger and is not chambered in .45 ACP.

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