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Hey guys, my name is Charlie.

I stumbled onto this thread searching for some tech info for Open guns.

After reading through some posts I decided to join.

I've spent most of my life target shooting with my father, but just recently I've gotten vary serious about going to the range as much as I can.

I'm looking for somewhere to compete locally to me(Mandeville, LA), but I haven't found anything sanctioned that's within a couple hours drive.

I've been using youtube as a guide for drills, and new ideas for training.

But lately I've gotten this idea in my head to build a open style glock 17(even though I have yet to compete in anything sanctioned)

Here's where I'm at currently.

Glock 17 gen 3

-Trigger setup with Zev springs(investing in the full fulcrum setup soon)

-Zev Magwell

-Arredondo base pads(probably switching to Taran Tactical pads)

-Burris FF 3 w/ Glock mount(just installed it, anxious to try it out)

-glock extended slide lock & extended mag release

My next purchase is going to be the Lone Wolf SS 17L slide. (just for 3 gun and plinking)

I plan on getting Lone wolf's ported 17L barrel.

If I like the slide mounted MRD, then I'll get the 17L slide milled for the FF3.

And I'll send the 17 slide off to get milled for a RMR.

The 17 slide is the one I'm building to fit in open.

I'm looking into a KKM threaded bbl, and really racking my brain hard to figure out what comp to go with.

So that's where I'm at currently, I know I'll learn a lot from everyone here!

If anyone is local and could give me some tips on competitions in LA I'd appreciate it.

Thanks for looking!


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Welcome to the forums! As for matches in your area I'm sure somebody will be along to help you out. But in the meantime you can go to uspsa.org and use the club finder feature. Put in your zip and choose a radius to look in and it will list matches and contact info. It's a nice feature when you are first starting out.

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