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Recipe for 165grain with 1.200" OAL - 40 S&W


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Ok, just bought a new STI Edge. It shoots great!

Since shooting 300 rounds through with normal length 40S&W 1.125" I find that occasionally a round will nose dive lower into the feed ramp and will cause a jam. After searching forums and talking with other STI competition owners, they suggest a longer OAL.

I have tested and came up with 1.200 OAL through dry cycling. I then make 50 test rounds using 5.2 grains of Titegroup. and all cycled fine. I think I can drop this a little to 5.0. (The dimple on the primer might be a tad deep) I have not crono the rounds yet.

Question; Does anyone have proven recipes for major PF using Titegroup, HS6 or Accurate 2?. I can find plenty for the 180 grain, but not for the 165 grain. Bullets are Montana Gold CMJ


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Thanks, but do you have any data for 165 grain?

Sorry, I seem to have a problem with reading comprehension. Explains my SAT scores.

For 165 gr Montana Gold I use 5.1 gr of Titegroup and 1.18 OAL which results in 1040 fps.

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