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I had the pleasure of meeting and shooting a local match with Nelson today. Really, really good guy and a damn good shooter. The only thing I showed him was how to get DQ'd!!! Ha!!! If you happen though Jacksonville, look him up!!!

PS - Nelson, you have an open invitation in the Hoosier state anytime. Just let me know.

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Hey Big D,

The pleasure was all mine! Thanks for the compliments about my shooting, especially after that first horrendous stage :wacko: and for the invitation to Indiana. Look forward to go there sometime.

I'm heading home tomorrow and hope you're already safe at yours. Keep me posted about the possibility of your next trip to FLA. We still have some shooting to do together.

Wish you a great Holiday season and many blessings for the new year!

Again, "mucho gusto"!

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Me also Dave. I must agree... I went to shoot tonight at a range I have never been to. 1500 miles from home - a stranger in a strange land. Met up with BerettaRacer, Bill Dawson and ogiebb, Ogie Balagtas. Not only did they make me feel welcome - - - They also gave me a free shooting lesson! :D:P;) I dare say there are not many sports where you can go to an event and be treated like family by people you've never met.

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