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Lets talk high end 1911/2011's I need thoughts


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Hey gang, I am in a situation that is killing me. I lost my job last March and have not found anything... I think I have applied for a million jobs at this point. To make a long story shot, my firearm collection is basically a built in bank account and although I have some firearms that will not ever be sold, I have many that will.

In saying that, I am going to be/have sold off a lot lately:( I have talked it over with the wife and decided that I will sell a few more and pick up 1 1911/2011. I know I am talking to a bunch of gamers here so, the answers will probably be slanted in that direction but, I wanted to get some thoughts from you all!

I dont really compete and given the financial situation, I probably will not this summer. In saying that I do want to buy a 1911 or 2011. I have many S/A and Kimbers and those have either been sold or, are going to be sold. I have around 4-5k in "gun fund" to pick up 1 high end pistol.

Since this doesn't need to be a gamer gun, I have lots of choices! I have been going back and forth about the following but am keeping an open mind on all recommendations.

Thought 1:

Send my Kimber Team Match to Chuck Rodgers for a full custom job. This was the first firearm I ever bought and it will never be sold. It would be pretty cool to have a master like Chuck put his spin on the first pistol I had ever pick up.

Thought 2: Call Joe Chambers and ask him what he can do in the price range I have

Thought 3: Call SVI and have a pow-wow with Brandon about a build.

Thought 4: Talk to Ned Christensen about the same.

Thought 5: Buy either a Wilson, NH, Crafter, or Brown and save the rest... and then buy a few more semi-custom's more once I find a new job.

I am open to any other thoughts? I am sure I will hear buy a CZ... I already own a CTS Custom, SP01 Shadow T, and a custom 75. I do not need another one of these.

I maybe in over my head price wise but, I can probably make it work with a few other pistol sales... To add to that, I want this pistol to be a total tack driver, Awesome Range Toy, something fun as hell to shoot and show off with, a pistol that will retain value, and to be able to feel somewhat satisfied that I bought it since I have to sell around 30 pistol in the next month or so.... DAMN

All help and thoughts are very much appreciated!

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If I hadn't worked in 11 months and I needed to sell 30 pistols in the next month or so, I would be holding on to every penny that I had. Guns and shooting in general would not even be on my priority list. Let us know what you decide to do. Best of luck with the job search my friend.

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I agree with finding a job first...but here's my opinion:

Go with Chuck, Joe, or John (Harrison). While Ned's work is some of the best, last I heard his wait time is over 8 years. I don't believe Chuck is currently accepting work, but you could talk to him. Never know about Joe, he always seems booked...John is 4+ years.

Bottom line, if you want one from the masters, be prepared to spend a lot and wait. If not, I would suggest looking into Lou at BEC (Business End Customs) or Rob from Alchemy. If you're desiring a 5" .45, I would also call up Jeremy Reid and find out what his wait time is.

I absolutely LOVE my Harrison EMP FWIW. Absolutely phenomenal work, as is everyone else I mentioned. Also, don't want to take away from this awesome forum, but I would recommend checking out the 1911 Forum that's in my sig. It's a high-end 1911 specific forum, with everyone I mentioned as active members, with the exception of Ned (to my knowledge).

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I was kind of in the same boat at the end of 12 year and beginning of 13. I had accepted a job across the country (expensive move!), with 4 months of no money coming in, and the SO did the same thing to be with me, but she was out of work for 6 months. I sold a bunch of gear, nice stuff, and didn't compete with anything but a 22 to save on ammo cost. I kept my dear-to-me gear and didn't do any upgrades or trades, despite wanting to. It was hard to wait, but I tried not to spend anything on shooting for a while.

Now only like 6 months later things are much improved. Work for both of us is going great, we're settled, happy, and working our way towards not being broke anymore. It's a good feeling. I don't regret selling anything, as I was able to get rid of a bunch of random things that didn't serve a huge purpose except being cool or I wanted them. Now I'm able to save back up for my real custom happy name sake.

Keep your Kimber loaded next to the bed and on your hip, and sell everything else that doesn't have sentimental value. once things get better (and believe me, they always do eventually) you will be able to build up again and do what you want. Or trade for a nice 1911/2011 and sell the rest, anything that doesn't put a huge pile out front that you can't get back. $4k worth of glocks will still be worth $4k once you spend it, or damn close. A super custom to you will be worth much less to someone else than you have into it.

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I guess I read a double message there; out of work and need to sell off pistols, but you are going to be putting that same money or more, into a custom?

If what you are used to are S/A and Kimbers, sell everything off and buy either one Les Baer TRS (SS) or one STI 2011. They are about as close to "custom" shooters as you can get, w/o using house payments. Literally.

My rule about guns, motorcycles, etc.: remove the emotional attachments from these objects, unless they are family heirlooms which have been passed to you, and family will receive them someday-that is a matter of honor to me, rather than ownership.

It does not sound like you are worried about house payments or groceries, so perhaps completely disregard what I say...?

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So... A few quick notes, I currently have zero debt... So no car, house etc payments. I obviously have a few sources of income other than my day job but, by no means is it what I am used to living off of. I also have an "emergency fund". I am selling the pistols so I don't have to dip into anything I. The bank, market, or emergency fund. With that said, I may just wait to buy that super high end pistol I've wanted.

Additionally, I am already part of that 1911 forum that was mentioned above:) great forum

I guess I was realistically looking at thoughts on what to buy to keep my mind off the situation I am in and have something to look forward.

Thanks for the advise:)

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Chuck built my first 2 open guns way back in '86 and '88 and his work was unreal back then. From a resale perspective Chuck or SVI will most likely be your best bet. If I were going to have Chuck build me a gun I don't think I would use the Kimber. I would get parts or a box stock 1911 and send it to him that way all the magic is Chucks. SVI has a wider audience and there is something to be said that the entire build is SVI with no other aftermarket parts.

Good luck either way as you will be waiting a little while, so plenty of time to enjoy the anticipation!

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If it were me I would buy a Les Baer with the 1 1/2" guarantee and keep some of the guns you were going to sell. You might have one built that looks fancier but you will not get anything more accurate.

Yeah, I have one of these! They are awesome pistols! Its one that I was planning on keeping:)!

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