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Fun Shoot & Classes at Rockcastle Shooting Center


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Long Distance Fun Shoot

March 1st-2nd, May17-18, July 11-12, September 13-14, November 22-23

We will be hosting a long distance fun shoot at Rockcastle Shooting Center in Park City, KY. Everyone is invited and can bring as many guns as they wish. The shoot will be an organized, fun filled event for everyone. Their will be experienced personnel there on the range to help anyone that wishes for it. We will have experienced ROs calling the line hot and cold for target painting and to change out paper targets.

This is a great experience for everyone to get data on their guns out to 1100 yards.

There are no restrictions on caliber of guns.
We will have metal targets from 300-1100 yards in various sizes.
We will have target stands at 100 and 200 yards for paper targets.
Only restrictions on ammo is no bi metal or AP rounds at the metal targets and no 50 BMGs at metal closer than 500.

Rockcastle has lodging available on site.


You be required to check into Rockcastle Shooting Center before you are allowed on the range.

You will need to sign a waiver and get a wristband in order to be involved in the shoot. No one will be allowed to set up inside Thunder Valley unless you show an RO a wristband.

The personnel running this are the match staff from the Mammoth Sniper Challenge. There will be some of the match staff at every shoot to help anyone who needs it. They will also be shooting and practicing. It will be a good chance for new shooters to get some advice from experienced shooters.

Every Sunday that we have a shoot, the staff will set up two or three mini stages for everyone to shoot for fun if they wish to. It is not required but a great way to get some match practice in and will be a great benefit for new shooters to get their feet wet. The regular shooting will not be effected by the stages. So everyone will still be able to shoot on the normal firing line while the stages are going on.

We will also be offering different classes during every weekend. The primary instructor will be Joe Harris. He is the match director For the Mammoth Sniper Challenge. He is a former military sniper school instructor and has graduated 4 different military sniper schools. He has been teaching long distance shooting for over 20 years. He will have assistant instructors in each class and also on the range so the student to instructor ratio is low.

He will offer a 8 hour class each Friday before the shoot. The class will be held at Rockcastle Shooting Center at the lodge. Each Friday night he will will also offer a 2 hour competition class at the lodge.

The 8 hour class will cover the following:

  • Proper gun set up

  • Proper Shooting Techniques/ Body Positions, Breathing, trigger pull

  • Ballistics/ Load Development

  • Range Estimation/ Milling/ Wind Calling

  • How to properly use your scope

  • Temp/ atmospheric conditions

  • Data books/ Range Cards

  • Use of equipment/ Bi-Pods, bags, slings

  • How to properly zero your rifle

Each student will need to bring the following:

  • Rifle with scope

  • Bi-pods

  • Pencil-paper

  • Calculator

  • Rear bag

Suggested but not required:

  • Shooting mat

  • Sling

  • Data book

For the students attending the class, Joe will be assisting and teaching you the entire weekend on the range. He will also help you run through the stages on Sunday if you prefer.

Come prepared to learn and work in the class.

The class on Friday night will cover readiness for a competition.
The following will be covered:

  • Preparing for a match

  • Match checklist/ before and during

  • Mental state before and during the match

  • How to handle a bad performance in a match

  • Equipment readiness

  • How to learn from your mistakes/ personal AAR from matches

  • How to be ready for the next match

*Each student will need to bring pencil and paper.

You do not have to participate in any class to shoot on Saturday or Sunday. You can shoot only one day or both. We have set this up so that everyone will be able to work with their schedule and participate in only one day of shooting, the entire weekend of shooting, or all three days with professional instruction from experienced staff.

This is the cost for the options we are offering.

Each single day of shooting in Thunder Valley will be $50.

The competition class on Friday night will be $50.

Just the 8 hour class is $150.

If a person chooses to take the 8 hour class, the 2 hour competition class, and personal instruction all weekend then the total would be $350 for all three days. You basically get instruction all three days with the competition class for free.

To make reservations for the shoot contact Joe Harris at the number or email listed below. The number of slots will be limited on the range and also in the classes.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me via IM or Joe Harris at:

We recommend you stay at Rockcastle Shooting Center lodge (Park Mammoth Resort). They have a dining facility on-site along with the cave valley winery. They also have other shooting areas for your use if you choose to. They have pistol bays and a sporting clay course. Their contact info is available on their website. rockcastleshootingcenter.com

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I just shot the Mammoth Sniper Challenge at Rockcastle, and it's a great facility for Precision Rifle work. Joe ran a fantastic competition, and I'm sure his class and open practice schedule is excellent as well. I'll definitely try to make the time to go.


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Follow-up on this. I talked to Joe Harris and tried to sign up for July. Turns out he's leaving Rockcastle and will be teaching in Georgia, so these classes are off (or in Georgia) unless someone else picks up the torch. Too bad - I was really looking forward to it.

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