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Limited Build...... IT HAS BEGUN!


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Parts list update: (ordered)

grip check

frame check

slide check

barrel check

msh check

sear spring check

mainspring check

ambi safety check

grip safety check

aftec extractor check

firing pin check

firing pin stop check

pin kit check

front sight check

rear sight check

link set check

tool less gr check

strut check

trigger kit check

slide stop check

mag release check

mag button check

mag catch spring check

magcatch lock check

safety plunger spring check

ejector check

fp spring check

svi trigger/insert check

reverse plug check

magwell check

let me know if I missed anything

Edited by WidowsSon683
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Looks like Xmas for sure. You have made a very good decision to deal with Brian and Glenn. I can't say enough good about both guys, they are truly stand up guys and they have a great future in this industry. I have done many , many grip mods over the past ten years and I can tell you that the steel grip is the softest shooting gun that you will shoot. You will be very pleased.

Tommy Roupe THR Technologies/ Roupe Grips

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