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Limited Build...... IT HAS BEGUN!


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So I just got my frame and SS grip from PT. Damn its pretty. As soon as my tax money gets in I'm getting the rest of the components required. Im going with a tri top slide and KKM bull barrel. The gun itself is going to be the blackest black that ever blacked and all the controls(grip and thumb safety, slide stop, SVI trigger, hammer and mag release) are going to be blue to match my base pads. More details and pics as the build comes along. Now I just need to try a couple different trigger styles to see what I like. Also the grip texture is a lot angrier than it looks in the picture. The plan is to debut her on my birthday at Double Tap.


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I'm just curious, there appears to be a gap between the mag well and the bottom front of the grip. Is that meant to be there or was the mag well not fully seated on the grip?

There is no magwell on that grip. The bottom of the grip is cut to accept the poplular mag wells. I believe you might be seeing the small "step" where the grip transitions from the textured area to the smooth area on which the magwell will mount.

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Holy crap, that one just looks painful!!! After holding the standard texture, I think it will be juuuuussstttt fine. And after handling the one called "Brian's Pea Shooter" (okay, get your minds out of the gutter - pics on the Lone Star Innovations vendor page), the standard texture on a polished grip feel good and grippy.

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So heres a list of things i need to complete my build. Let me know if i missed anything:

grip check

frame check




mag release

thumb safety

grip safety

slide stop






sear spring

main spring


guide rod

recoil spring

firing pin & spring


pin kit

barrel link & pin


magwell check

reverse plug

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