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Look at the target? or look at the front sight?

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I tend to miss if I don't use the sights. :P Ideally I try to use the sights.

I think you can be successful either way. But like all the other guns, shooting without the sights and using "feel" by using the body's and head position, muscle memory etc. takes a lot of rounds and repetition to build up. Something that I can't do with shotgun due to time and $ constraints.

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If you can shoot instinctively (i.e. looking at the target) and get good hits, you should go ahead and do it with a shotgun. That means you have to get it to shoot where you're looking by a variety of means and modifications. If that's all "on," then looking at the sights will only slow you down.

It may be debatable with slugs, though, as you're essentially shooting a big bore rifle that will have one point of impact.

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