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Tanfoglio parts sources


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I need/want a 1 piece sear and a disconnector for my Stock 2...not sure what the options are as far as getting parts.

- EAA is an option...they list a sear and disconnector on their website, and it looks like you can order through the website - but knowing how awfully frustrating it can be to work with EAA at times, I wonder if they'd actually have the parts listed on their site in stock (or know where in their warehouse to find them if they do have them)

- gunpartscorp.com...they list a sear and disconnector on their website, looks like you can order through their website, I see a few items that say "out of stock" so it may be possible that their website shows real time inventory availability - do not know what I would expect as far as customer service

- shooterready.biz...got some Xtreme parts from Jim, but he doesn't have sears

- henningshootsguns.com...I've bought stuff from Henning before, but to my knowledge he's only got parts that he manufactures (i.e., no stock Tanfoglio parts)

- ericgrauffel.com...I've bought stuff from Eric - took 3 weeks to get it due to international shipping...as of right now this seems like my best option, but figured maybe someone else would be able to chime in with a US/faster option...



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