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As the title says. I'm obsessed with these tanfoglios, and maybe I need someone to slow me down on them. By the way my names Andrew. I'm from Indiana. I don't shoot in any events or anything. I'm an accuracy nut, that shoots at home all the time. I live in the middle of nowhere and reload to shoot, shoot to reload. I've quiet simply kicked other guns to the curb because of these guns.

I have a match in 9mm, a limited in 40 and another limited in 45. I'm on the verge of selling the 45, to pick up the stock two in 40. And also buying 9mm and 10mm conversion kits for the limited. And possibly another match in 40.

So I need someone to maybe tell/ask me why.

Like someone with experience with these guns, to tell me that there's no need for a stock 2 when I have the limited, or the match in 40 either. I like the idea of having them all, but if I find that I don't shoot them because I've already got the limited then im unsure if I really wanna drop the money on the stock two and match. I'm planning on buying the conversions no matter what though.

Somebody step in and either say go for it or that I'm throwing money at other guns for no reason. I'm not a collector of guns, I'm a shooter, so I don't want safe queens.

Some gun addiction therapist in here needs to give me a session. I got it bad.

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Haha. Got some, shot some, sold some. No 1911 that I've ever shot, or owned or own has done it for me like these tanfoglios. I'm not bashing them at all. There are very fine 1911's and manufacturers of them, but I'm kinda over them. I'm sure there's probably a few out there I could love but I haven't found it/them yet. I gotta be honest though I haven't shot a supremely custom 1911 like a nighthawk or wilson etc.. I've held them. But I'm not so sure I can justify buying them with there price tag. I can't bring myself to believe they are worth it. Just opinions though. I got one, just like everyone else. Doesn't mean much to anyone except myself.

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