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Making clickable pictures


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Here's how to create a link from a small picture to a big one. This is what you need to do if you want to post some pictures that are bigger than the forum limit for people to look at. It's also handy if you have a bandwidth-limited account-- your pictures will stay up longer on free sites and it'll cost you less if you pay by the megabyte.

It should look like this when you're done:

click here or on picture for big version IMG_1810.thumb.jpg

Here's the directions-- they're more complicated to read than actually doing it:

First, get two versions of your picture online-- one small one suitable for embedding into a post (less than 500 pixels, please), and the original big, huge one.

Then you need to post the small image as a link to the big one.

The easy way for a PC user is to open the big version of your picture in a browser from the website its on (make sure it's not a link already by clicking on it until nothing happens), then right-click on it, and select "Copy Link Location" (FireFox users) or "Copy Shortcut" (IE users).

Then click the http:// button in the post editor.

Paste in the picture location that you copied when it asks for a URL. You can leave the title alone or make it "click here to see my big'uns" or whatever.

You'll get a string of code in your post that looks like so:

[URL=http://www.shred2.net/~shred/gallery/ColumbusCup/IMG_1810.jpg]click here for big version[/URL]

Now go copy the internet location of the smaller image like you did the big one.

Press the IMG button this time and paste in that location when it asks for the image location. You'll get another line of code looking like


Now do a cut-and-paste of everything from b to [ /IMG], including those b tags and their brackets and stick it either next to or in place of what you wrote for the web page title, so your your code looks like this (make sure it gets in after the ] and before the [ /URL]):

[URL=http://www.shred2.net/~shred/gallery/ColumbusCup/IMG_1810.jpg]click here for big version [IMG=http://www.shred2.net/albums/ColumbusCup/IMG_1810.thumb.jpg][/URL]

Hit Preview Post and see if it looks OK, but don't click the picture, or you may lose the post you were working on. So long as it looks ok, post it, then check it. If it didn't work, go back and try again.


If for some reason the link shortcuts you got don't end in .jpg or .gif or another picture format (the board will complain), you may need to right-click the images you want and select Properties, then manually copy the image location instead of using the Copy Shortcut or Copy Location commands.

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Either that or the Gallery Dominatrix will remove your photo, re-size it, then request that you take delivery on it thru e-mail and you'll need to repost it yourself. There's no other way. The oversize images cause several kinds of technical problemos for the forum.

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