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reloding ammonition


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Hi there. I owe a glock 22 gen 4. I wonder if somebody can help me. I want to reload ammo, l wanna use cmj 200 grain projectiles with mp200 powder (40caliber) I want to know if someone can tell me what is the minimum and maximum grain powder that I can use on reloading for these bullet on a glock 22 gen 4 . Thank you Regards Caroline.

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Hi Caroline,

Data for reloading with Somchem powders can be found at http://www.somchemreload.com/

The start load for 200 grain lead bullets using MP200 is 4,2 grains. If you are using plated or jacketed bullets then your velocities will be lower and you may need to add a bit more powder.

MP200 is a medium-speed powder and so it is reasonably forgiving when loading heavier bullets. However, if you are working up to major power factor, then you definitely need to go carefully and use a chronograph.

Personally, I use around 5,2 grains of MP200 to drive a 200 grain plated bullet to around 900 ft/s in my CZ 75 Tactical Sports with a 5" barrel. I would definitely NOT recommend that you start there though - you need to work the charge up slowly using a chronograph.



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