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Possible extra primer in 9mm round


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How in the world could you figure out there was an unaccounted for primer?

I know I wouldn't sweat it. Usually debri will get hung up by the decapping pin and you find it then if theres anything inside a case.

Shoot the ammo. It'll be fine.

THIS... During the de-prime cycle, you'd "find" the extra primer inside the case I'd guess.


Yea, I'd think the recapping pin would like hit it and cause you to notice or detonate it and then of course you would notice it.

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well the weighing has established that it's not in a case. chances are the primer you found is the one you lost. I also would have happily shot them, but it was worth taking a minute to think about the possible effects of the extra space displaced in the case and the extra energy a primer would generate. in the end I wouldn't have worried, but having weighed them all now you know you are good to go. :)

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