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So I am hoping that someone who has been down this route might pass along some wisdom. I am looking at purchasing a CZ pistol for use in production class, mainly in the US. However, I am also entertaining the thoughts of shooting outside of USPSA rules. I had been looking at some of the guns from the CZ custom shop but noticed that on the IPSC production gun list it says "CZUSA Custom Shop models including the SP-01 Shadow Target, CZ 75 Shadow T and CZ 75 SP01 ACCU Shadow, and Frankonia Mamba and Viper versions, are not approved".

That being known, what would be the best go to "tuned" CZ for production class. Thanks


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It is my understanding that any "tuned" guns would be illegal for IPSC production division.

That pretty much leaves standard the standard Shadow at the top of the list.

The one exception would be the "Orange" aka "2012" model. It is officially known as the orange now as 2012 sounds like it is outdated. They are the same thing either way. This model is also available as the Shadow Mate Canadian/Australian edition. I just bought the Aussie Shadow Mate and can say for sure that the slide to frame fit is far superior to a standard shadow. The trigger is bog stock though. There are a few little upgrades like sights, comp hammer, alu grips and base pads, and spare springs as well as a pretty sweet case that are included with the "Mate". They also have a different finish that appears to be similar to ceracote.

I paid $1345 for my mate and $1250 for my original Shadow. The extra cost is more worthwhile when you account for the extra bits.

If you can find either an Aussie (100 made only), or Canadian for a reasonable price I'd say go for it. Otherwise an orange would be your best bet IMO.

Having said that there is nothing wrong with a standard Shadow that a couple of springs and some stones won't fix.

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The CZC shadow is tuned with factory parts so it is still IPSC legal. The info below was copied from the IPSC rule book.

16. Original parts and components offered by the OFM as standard equipment, or as an option, for a specific model handgun on the IPSC approved handgun list are permitted, subject to the following:

16.1 Modifications to them, other than minor detailing (the removal of burrs and/or adjustments unavoidably required in order to fit replacement OFM parts or components), are prohibited. Other prohibited modifications include those which facilitate faster reloading (e.g. flared, enlarged and/or add-on magwells, etc.), changing the original color and/or finish of a handgun, and/or adding stripes or other embellishments.

16.2 Magazines accessible to a competitor during a COF must not contain more than 15 rounds at the Start Signal. Identifying marks or decals, internal capacity limiters, bumper pads and additional witness holes, which add or remove negligible weight to/from magazines, are permitted.

16.3 Sights may be trimmed, adjusted and/or have sight black applied. Sights may also be fitted with fiber optic or similar inserts.

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yeah if you want something for USPSA and IPSC I'd go for the orange/2012 as feralshooter suggested. or the Shadow "mate" version if you can find one.

it basically comes with all the little bits you want out of the box. springs, comp hammer, steel guiderod, tighter fit slide and barrel, alloy grips, slightly nicer sights and the cerakote finish is really nice vs the standard polycoat. one thing I'd add would be a pre-b disconector to take up some of the SA pre-travel and shorten the SA reset.

that's probably the gun set-up to be able to legally shoot production in both IPSC and USPSA. :)

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