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Hello from Baton Rouge, LA


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Hi all,

I'm Doug AKA "Big Red" from Baton Rouge

I've been shooting for 30+ years, since I was big enough to hold a firearm properly. My father taught me, he was a Bullseye competitor in Little Rock AR in the early '70's. I have never been to a match and am looking to try it out.

The GSSF has an indoor league an hour away, I'm going to try that next Saturday. There are two USPSA groups within an hour of me, so I'll be checking them out as well. I need to figure out what kind of gear I need, so I'll be hanging around the forum here reading old posts and maybe asking a question or three.

I learned to reload on a single stage Lyman when I learned to shoot, that was "part of it". But, I haven't loaded in years and all my father's gear disappeared after he stepped on a rainbow. I'm looking at a Dillon 550B to get back into it.

I hope to see y'all out there.


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Shot my first pistol match today, a local PPC at Nick's Shooting Range in Garyville. I shot a 378/600 with a Glock 17 and Herters 115gr ball ammo. I had about a dozen shots that I didn't even get off before the buzzer.

First lesson learned... it's better to slow down and get 2 10 rings with 4 no fires, than fire 6 misses fast.

Some of those guys had tricked out 1911s that had almost no recoil. What was I seeing? Light loads?

I'm shooting Glocks right now. G17, G30sf, and a G19. I have a S&W Model 13 3" .357, as well.

I'm guessing that G17 would be good for production in USPSA.

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I went to the Sunday morning PPC match once but there is one every week, there is also a Saturday Rimfire Rifle match that sounds like a bunch of fun.

The GSSF Match(es) are on the website- gssfonline.com\indoor-league-match-schedule.cfm

I went to the one at the Bayou Dragon in Marrero on Saturday, I shot 3 matches with 3 pistols. 408/500, 419/500 and 474/500. It was a lot of fun. Next month on 3/8 is the GSSF match at Bayou Dragon and on 3/9 there is one at the Shooter's Club in Harahan, I'll be at both.

3/22-23 is the outdoor GSSF 2day match in Monroe and again 4/26-27 in Thibodeaux, I'm planning on both of those.

I haven't been to a USPSA match because I'm still trying to figure out what I need to participate. I might just have to go watch and ask questions.

There are literally enough matches happening within a couple hours drive to shoot every weekend, it is a shame they don't advertise much or I'd have been doing it before now.

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