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Tec loaders that hold 6 or 8


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Hi Guys,

I just saw a tube that Ralph Arredondo has started making. It is a metal 6-round tube that works with the 930 and the Remington. He says that you may have to profile the tongue to work well with a Benelli. He is not advertising them just yet but you should give him a call and check it out. This is only the tube, you need to have the TecLoader handle.



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I have been using tec loaders that hold 4. I see tec loaders that hold more in on line in videos but never say where to buy.


I have the standard 4 rounders and a few old Nordic 6-7 rounders. I got lucky and bought the longer old Nordic ones off the classifieds here.

I only use the 6-7 rounders when it's really advantageous which is rarely. Simply because the longer ones are really tough to use really fast. Stuffing two 4's is almost as fast or faster cause I often booger up the load when using the longer ones.

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