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It's 300lb Gorilla's Birthday

Vince Pinto

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Thanks all! Shot today... having a class with Voigt within the next two weeks... shooting next weekend. Life is good!!!

Chuck, when they put targets way at the back like that, they should expect people to come running up on 'em. They then have to buttress 'em so that they'll withstand a dude that weighs 300+ charging 'em. ;)

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:D 5 members celebrating their BDay! Is that a record? :D

Just to set the record strait - July 7th currently holds the record for most forum members willing to post their birthday with 7. Now, if more people - and you know who you are :angry: were to add this tid bit of info to their profile, I am guessing that it would change.................. but you never know

And I hope that Cullen had a fantastic Bidet !!!!!!!!!

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