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JP bbl weight and gas block info!!

Nick Weidhaas

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I was on the fence as to which JP rifle upper configuration to get. I asked some questions of the folks on BE.COM and also called JP (should have done this first I guess) and this is what I learned. I figured some of you may have the same questions.

The following info is regarding JP's 18" and 20" bbls.

A 18" JP medium weight bbl is .650 under the handguards and .875 in front of the gas block. A JP 20" light weight bbl shares the same specs as a 18" bbl. Other words, a 18" JP medium weight bbl is a 20" JP lw bbl. with two inches cut off.

1:8 twist bbls are available only in the 20" guns, off the shelf.

The Ultra Light Weight bbl. is available in 18" only and measures .500 under the handguards and .750 in front of the gas block. Ultra Light bbl weighs about 1lb less than a med weight bbl.

A JP15 with a 18" medium weight bbl. weighs 7.4lbs.

The stainless steel JP gas block weighs 5oz. more than their aluminum gas block.

Hope this helps.


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About a year ago i built an ar for a friend using the 18" JP meduim weight barrel. i think it weighs about the same as a 16" heavy barrel. We did shave alot of weight off by using one of Clark's carbon fiber handguard. I dont remember the exact dimensions, but i think it was about .750 under the handguard and .920 from the gas block fwd.

Link to pic 1

Link to pic 2

email me if you want more pics or if they dont work.

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no prob. just to add. we used the aluminum gas block on the front. transitions were nice and quick. i think that just having the extra weight of the bull barrel in front of the handguards should be enough. I wouldnt worry about an aluminum block standing up to lots of rounds.

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