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9MM 147gr Montana Gold CMJ/Titegroup


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Hodgdon site lists 147 gr Hornady JHP as a max of 3.6 gr of Titegroup for a velocity of 929 fps from a 4" barrel. This is with an overall length of 1.100". I don't have any experience with this load, so I'd start out at like 3.2 or 3.3 and work my way up if necc. I currently burn 4.7 of TG with a 124 gr plated west coast round nose. It makes about a 135 PF in my LDA with a 5" tube, for a velocity just under 1100 fps. I seat mine to 1.165" since my Para tubes allow me to. Longer than that and well, I can chamber the rounds, but sometimes when I rack the slide, the bullet stays in the rifling and I dump powder all inside the gun. Fairly entertaining.


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I just chrono some loads today and here are my results. I used a 147g Berrys RN and made PF of 131 with 3.3g Titegroup.

Using a 147g LRN from Valiant and 2.9g Titegroup made a 130 PF

These were shot from a factory G34.

I know it is not MG bullets but it will give you an idea of what you are looking for.

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I finally found some data for what you are doing.

I loaded this about three years ago when I won some MG 147gr CMJ. I usually use Zero as the MG are a little hard to find here.

5" barreled Tanfoglio Ltd, Factory Polyagonal Barrel

3.0gr Tg = 840fps Accuracy very good, just under 4" at 50Y. Below 125pf

3.2gr TG = 875fps Accuracy very good, similar to above, just 128pf.

3.4gr TG = 910fps Accuracy good, pressure starting to show.

3.6gr TG = 955fps Accuracy good enough but not acceptable for NRA AP. Primer starting to flatten.

The 3.0gr and 3.2gr shot beautifully as far as recoil was concerned. Soft but pistol cycled as fast as required. A little more muzzle rise than the 115gr or 125gr but not enough to complain.

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I never wrote that down or if I did I lost it, but seeing as maximum is usually around 1.15" and the MG 147 is a little flat at the nose (as far as I remember) I think I would have loaded similar to the 125gr JHP, so around the 1.125" at the outside, I started out using what Hodgdon recommend for the Hornady 147gr JHP (1.100") so I am sure it is no less than that. But I am also just as sure that 1.15" or longer caused feed issues.

Winchester specify 1.169" with a FMJ 147gr, which of course is more round nosed so the bullet will feed better at that.

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In my guns, G34 and a 1911 with 5in nowlin bbl, I tried running the OAL at 1.110 and 1.150. When chronoing it was worth around 30-40 fps and I couldnt see any difference on the primer, worth about .01-.02 grain difference in powder. Just see what your gun likes. I am partial to 1.150 with Rem 147jhp and Lead 147 FP with either 3.2 TG, and 3.6gr W231. They are very accurate at 25yds btw....... B)

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Okay, I uncharacteristically got off my butt and chronoed some loads. All shot from a G34 at 10', 9 round strings. Cases were mixed headstamp. Keep in mind that a Montana Gold FMJ is flat-nosed, .640 long, versus maybe .655 for a round nosed bullet.

Shaded, 40 degrees, calm:

3.1gr Titegroup

1.120 OAL

Avg: 884

PF: 130,070

H: 903

L: 877

3.2gr Titegroup

1.120 OAL

Avg: 877

PF: 128,967

H: 903

L: 855

3.2gr Titegroup

1.125 OAL

Avg: 880

PF: 130,454

H: 916

L: 869

While I was at it, I also did the following for grins:

WWB 115gr

Avg: 1208

PF: 138,920

WWB 147gr TCMC

Avg: 1015

PF: 149,286

Sunny, 30 degrees, windy:

3.2gr Titegroup

1.130 OAL

Avg: 867

PF: 127,465

H: 905

L: 849

To my Wednesday friends at ACM (you know who you are): THEY'RE ALL LEGAL, OK?

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