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Major Match costs


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Pulled this from the financial report on the A8 website. It should give you an idea what is involved with a major.




Gross match entries $33,788.00

Donation $750.00

Bank dividends $18.00

Gross Income $34,556.00


Cancelled entry refunds $400.00

Net Income $34,156.00

Operating Expenses $28,786.00

Net Operating Residual $5,370.00

Cash Awards $5,370.00

Ending balance $0

Pass-through fees collected for USPSA:

Junior raffle $460.00

Points Series $152.00


USPSA Activity fees $1,600.00

IPSC Level III fee $100.00

Front Sight ad $225.00

Topton Host Club range fee $1,700.00

Postage/Shipping $333.00

Office supplies $159.00

Staff Food/Ice/Water/Gatorade $669.00

Lumber/hardware/paint $958.00

Scoresheets/match booklets $713.00

Shooter Gifts $7,200.00

Plaques $1,426.00

Staff Shirts $2,977.00

Targets/pasters $1,520.00

Stage Banners/Embroidery $1,573.00

Sanitation $265.00

Staff per-diem and lodging $7,368.00

Operating Expenses $28,786.00

Submitted as true and correct financial account of the 2004 Area 8 Championship.

<signed> David Miller -- Match Director

<signed> George Jones -- Area 8 Director

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I broke the "shirt cost" discussion into it's own thread. (click here)

This Area 8 break-down is perfect.

If we can get more of that data...let's get it posted.

If somebody only has the data in Excel or soemthing...send it to me in an email and I'll try to work it over so that we can post the info (we can take themach name off if needed).

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Staff per-diem and lodging $7,368.00


Normally, if one works a full Area match in A8, one gets a refund on one's entry fee. If one works less than the full match, one gets a partial refund one's match fee. What they did this year is to prorate the match fee per day --- and the $7,368.00 figure represents those refunds and lodging costs for Match Staff that came in from out of state. There were ROs working the match from as far away as Virginia. Odds are that at least one of those ROs was also there a day or two early to help build the match --- he's just that kind of guy.

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