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The derils of prinking....


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Walking down the street one evening, a man notices a sign in a tavern window that says, "One thousand dollar prize; inquire within." So he walks up to the bartender and asks, "How do I win the thousand dollars?"

"Simple," the bartender replies. "You see that bouncer over there, you gotta knock him out with one punch".

The man looks up to see a 6'5", 250 lbs tower of a man glaring at him. He turns to the bartender and says, "Gimme a double shot of Jack"

The bartender gives him the shot and the man downs it. He then stands, rolls up his sleeves and charges the tower. "CRACK!" He lands a firm one on the bouncer's chin that sends him to the floor.

The man confidently strolls back to the tender and orders a round of drinks for the bar and another double for himself. After downing his drink he asks for his money.

"Not so fast buddy, you didn't listen to the rest of the challenge.... You see that courtyard out there. Well, in it there is a kiddie pool, and in it there is an alligator..... with a rotten tooth. You need to go out there and pull that tooth."

The man pushes his glass back to the tender, requesting another double. And then another.

Slightly buzzed, the man gets up and starts toward the courtyard.

"One more thing.... upstairs, there is an apartment. In it there is a bedroom. In it there is a ninety year-old woman. You need to go up there and give her the best sex she has ever had.... orgasm and all."

Wide-eyed, the man points to the bottle of Jack, grabs it out of the tender's hand, and takes a long hard pull.... nearly emptying the bottle. He then stumbles out into the courtyard.

From behind the bar, the tender hears gator roars and splashing of water. A wild struggle continues for about twenty minutes before the man staggers back into the bar.


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