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CZ Store in Prague?

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So I'm going to Prague this coming April (vacation among other cities in Europe) and figure if I have time and if it's worthwhile, I should try to make a stop to visit the shop. Is there any mystery item that I should load up on "X" to try to import back? Might be cool to check out what they have and see if I can buy parts to bring back (btw, I have no idea what the legalities are on this topic so for anyone that does have info on this, please do share!).

Link to the store: http://www.czub.cz/en/pages/76-store-cz-in-prague.aspx

Kinda just wondering what they have that we don't (or what's a lot cheaper out there) that I can bring back...

Thanks guys

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Stock up on Ovocné Knedlíky.

Buy crystal but not in Prague. Travel to Poděbrady, closer to where it is made. Huge difference is price and quality compared to what we pay here.

I saw some nice grip and mag well options and colors on the Web store that you can't get here. Prices seemed equivalent to CZ USA after exchange. They also sold some interesting airsoft guns that might be cool but I don't know about export on those.

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Been in Prague couple of times

some of the prices:

extractor 338 ckr

main spring strut 108 ckr

pin N9 15 ckr

recoil spring guide rod for shadow 17ckr

recoi spring factory for shadow 18ckr

hammer sa/da for shadow 1664 ckr

safety - shadow round type L shape left side 609 ckr and the right is 509 ckr

steel guid rod for shadow 370ckr

hammer TS - sport ultra fast 1480 ckr

ejector TS - 717 ckr

trigger return spring shadow- 27 ckr

factory screws for grip 50 ckr

slide stop sp01 713 ckr

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There are 2 CZ stores, the one you want to go to is at Opletalova 37, right off Václavské náměstí. The magwells they sell there are tough to get here.They are better looking than what CZ custom makes. The t-shirts are cheap enough. I went in there many times when I lived in Prague. Be sure to go to the Army Museum and up to the National Memorial.

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Unless you see a Czechmate comp, then get two of them!

I would like to rescind the above request... I got an email from a friend who got a link from CZ-USA where to buy one of the nine Czechmate comps they have in stock... for $245 :surprise: In case anyone wants to grab one, here's the link: http://shop.cz-usa.com/ProductDetail/19207_Compensator-9mm-4-Port

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So I'm here...I can pick stuff up if still have wifi. Went there yesterday and they've got every CZ in stock. Magwells, grips, etc.

I'm thinking about buying some grips and a magwell for the TS. And maybe the same for a shadow?

Pics to come when I have time

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There s one persone that does speaks English- and he is awsome guy and good understanding seller

Jakub Radhi[/size]


He is the man[/size]

I was able to talk to him. He's super friendly and explained the process of trying to get one of their guns into the states. Didn't have a whole lot of time but wanting to go back today. They had a custom TS with the beavertail and trigger gaurd undercut in order to simulate a grip closer to the 75 series. Had shadows all over the place with different trigger and grip setups. 97Bs, and P series as well. Had a ton of hunting rifles but I don't know anything about em.

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