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Please critique my local match

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So this is the last local match I shot. While it may appear that I am slower than molasses in the snow, I have actually gotten faster. I know I need to get faster and do a better job of exploding out of position.


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Well starting off on the first stage, it looks like you need to bring the gun in closer on reloads and start them a bit earlier. Draw looks a tad slow. Your recoil control is very good. (What's up with the arms all the way up start position? - Unless that was required for that stage, get your hands barely above your shoulders)

Second stage; Draw to first shot was a bit slow, you could have also been backing out from the first position while shooting, reloads could be started and finished earlier. Also try to move through positions if you can, stopping / starting is always slower. And your shooting cadence sounds very staggered, how are your hits(especially your second shot on a target)?

Third stage; In the first two positions it looked like you did a better job of calling your shots, again reloads sooner.

fourth stage; I think you would benefit from moving more agressively, same issues as above.. That last makeup shot probably cost you more than leaving it..

Fifth; decent job on the steel, almost 1-for-1

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