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what works for us @ monthly 3gun match


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The smallest things affect the success of a match.

We used to start at 11:30, our ROs would be at the range from 9:30-5 or 6. We moved our start time to 10:30, and our attendance doubled, plus we all got home by 3 if we wanted to.

We also eliminated using the same stage for two guns and alternate our squads so that everyone has an empty stage to go to. This cut down on wait time. Our squads are generally 8-10 people.

Another factor that can kill progress is if one of the crucial staff is late with stage design, props, or supplies. When everyone gets there and goes to work, we have time to do it all and do it right.

We shoot 3gun every month just outside of Lexington, KY, please join us.

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