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JP Lightweight stainless steel AR carrier is here.


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After a long wait the JP Rifle low mass stainless steel AR 15 bolt carrier is out for retail sale.

As usual John Paul has put out a sweet product that will set the standard. The machining and finish are first rate, hey lets face it trick looks do count even if they are burried inside a dirty AR. I appreciate fine machining and polishing.

While not as light as the aluminum carrier all concerns about wear should be gone.

It cycles smooth as glass the bearing surfaces are long and polished like his full weight SS carrier, it has a tuning fork ring like a Koning hammer when hand cycled.


JP Light weight stainless carrier and bolt = 8.33oz

Bushmaster standard carrier and bolt = 10.8oz

JP low mass buffer or carbine buffer =2.88oz

standard rifle buffer = 5.12oz

A 4.7oz total savings over the standard system seems small but the feel and speed are greatly enhanced. You also gain some stroke speed and feel from the shorter carbine spring & spacer low mass system.

Working on photo.

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With the new lightweight stainless carrier, do you also have to change out the buffer for the lightweight one or will it work with the original steel AR buffer?

Will the standard spring also work OK?

Basically, I'm asking if I replace my steel carrier with the new stainless one and make no other changes will there be any reliability issues?

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Zak, thank you for hosting the photo. I just woke up and got your link.

Eric, It shoots awsome. This is like driving an Indy car not a truck.

Or for the bike guys out there its the differance between a GXR and a fatboy.

My SHTF rifles will still have heavy buffers and my highpower cross the course rifle has a carrier weight system for those heavy hot 80's.

Price should be comparable to there SS maby a bit more as the extra machining involved, I believe its also cryo treated. I got it as a package with a JP upper so I dont know the price.

Availability may be short for awhile as the first batch went to people that were waiting for them.

The current JP lowmass buffer is a carbine buffer as far as I can tell, he is coming out with a rifle size buffer that is lightweight but its not done yet, my bet is JP wont release it till its 100%.

You should have no reliability issues with just the carrier for competition as its only 2 1/2oz lighter than the mil-std. I believe the full weight JP ss is even 1-2oz heavier than standard.

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My JP LMOS with bolt is 6oz.My JP regSS with bolt is 10.5.My colts with bolt weigh in at 10.5,and what ever is in my wilson, 11oz with my scale.The new SS LMOS at 8.33oz W/bolt as you say is less than what i weigh my JP reg SS carrier by itself,which on my scale was 8.5oz.I'll have to get one.

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