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It's Denise Minor's Birthday

Vince Pinto

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as a note to everyone reading this, I met denise at the 04 Nats for the first time, over the course of the week we spoke for a total of maybe 45 minutes. However, a month later, she remembered it was my birthday and sent me an email. The thing that gets me is that the date of my birthday might have been mentioned once, and yet a month later she remembers all on her own accord, before my birthday even showed up on here.

Hope you enjoy it denise, you deserve a great one.

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hope you'll forgive my being late:

Happy B'day!!!! :)

Hope you celebrated with some fine italian wine... ;)

BTW, don't let Arnie laze in his retirement, there are lotsa things he can still do, you just need to spur him... :D:lol:;)

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Thank you all for the birthday wishes! Arnie and I had a great day here at our new home. We visited a very beautiful cave and had dinner at a restaurant called the Blue Heron. The food was some of the best I have eaten anywhere. :D

Luca, Arnie and I started dinner with a very nice Italian Prosecco. ;)

On the other hand I am not quite sure what Arnie will be doing. He tells me he still feels like he is on vacation. I do not think it has sunk in yet that he does not have to go back to work.

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