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Vary the round count of stages


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For the local USPSA match (where I serve time on scoring data input) , I like to see the stages of the match have a different number of total rounds.

This lets the scoring software (EZ) help keep me from putting in the scores for the wrong stage.

If one stage is 25 rounds, and another is 27 rounds...EZ won't let me enter scores for the wrong stage...because the round count will be off.

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This is especially true if you get a scoresheet into stats with no stage number on it. If you must have stages with the same round count, browbeat the MD into making sure they have differing amounts of steel on them or some other way to differentiate them.

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While I'm a big believer in different roundcounts, I do have a question. Do you guys produce individual scoresheets for the stages? Our scoresheet locally is one piece of 8.5x11 paper, printed on both sides. The front contains the reg info, liability release, and stages 1+2. The rear contains stages 3-5, or 3-7 depending on the club. Less paper to juggle is a good thing, in my mind....

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