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A different kind of match Dec 11 Dayton OH

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Hi For those who can attend we are having a GSSF style match SAtuday Dec 11th in Moraine OH near Dayton. Here's the details:


We will hold our first Bianchi/GSSF style match on December 11 from 9 AM til 5 PM. You may show up any time and shoot. It should take you around 15 minutes to shoot the whole match and you may re-shoot it as many times, for score, as you would like. We will be using the standard NRA D1 or a B type target. On a NRA D1 target a “10” or “X” counts as ten points and “8” ring is 8 points and any other hit on the target is 5 points for those unfamiliar with this type of target scoring. If there is a tie for first then the “X” count breaks it. You do not need to be a member of Sim-Trainer to participate. All safe shooters are welcome.

If at least 30 shooters participate then we will award a pistol, valued at over $300, to the Top Gun for the day. We will also award 1 $100 gift certificate and 1 $50 awarded according to the Lewis Class System. For every 10 shooters over 30 that participate the prize table will grow accordingly.

Here are the strings of fire.

String 1 5 rds 65 feet 15 seconds

String 2 10 rds 40 feet 15 seconds

String 3 10 rds 65 feet 30 seconds

String 4 10 rds 25 feet 15 seconds

String 5 5 rds 25 feet 15 seconds

String 6 10 rds 15 feet 15 seconds

You may use any caliber larger than .380 or 9x18. Jacketed bullets only, may be used. No hollow-points allowed either. You may also only use handguns with iron sights. No Optical or Red Dot sights allowed. The match fee is $25 that day or $20 in advance up until Friday night Dec 10 at closing of Sim-Trainer. Mail entries will be accepted but must arrive at Sim-Trainer by the match. Please mark it “Dec 11 Match” and send your name and phone number with it. Re-shoots are $10 that day and count for score. For directions to the range see the website

www.sim-trainer.com or call the range.

Feel free to call or e-mail me with questions.

Bill Seevers (937) 901-6444 BSeevers@woh.rr.com

Sim-Trainer Academy

Indoor Range

2031 Dryden Rd

Moraine, OH 45439

(937) 293-3914

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You may use any caliber larger than .380 or 9x18. Jacketed bullets only, may be used. No hollow-points allowed either.


I don't understand this, why no jacketed hollowpoint bullets. When I load ammo, most of it is hollow points. It's cleaner to shoot cause their isn't any expose lead at the base of the bullet. Unless you shoot plated bullets.

Are we going to be shooting at soft steel?

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Yes I understand how much cleaner a non exposed base is but they don't allow HP ammo.

Sorry its a local range rule. The entire range is cover in this rubber stuff that eliminates bullet frag problems but hollowpoints eat it up real fast and its expensive to put on the walls. I use Walmart white box. Hope you can make it.



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