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Billy Jack GONE

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Tom Laughflin (?) passed last week. "Billy Jack" the man,myth,movie maker. had been in bad health for many years. bad car wreck in the 80"s left him at 3/4 strength.

used to own a 50 store video chain in the mid west. 15th largest chain in the country. always attended a national tade show in las vegas each year. saw 100"s of stars. for a week. anyone u can name. 1000's of people stood in line's to get famouse attographs of as many as they could. i NEVER stood in line for anyone's scribbling. ONLY 1 Billy Jack. stood for 20 min. told him he was the only I I EVER WANTED.. he and Dolres were great people. distb,made,financed, his own movies, ran his own life.

have had whoopie will shatner, spanky, pam anderson, john goodman rich littel dozen's of disney character's, do pa's in store's. always wanted to have BIlly Jack. he didnt travel but close distances. had a ranch close to vegas. due to health. offered to fly him to ohio but he refused.

R.I.P SIR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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