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Announcing the NEW Stick Shift Barricade Mount

Protocall Design

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Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to present the brand-new Stick Shift Barricade Mount. This is a conversion kit to transform your metallic semi-automatic gun into an open gun for NRA Action Pistol.

The Stick Shift Barricade Mount consists of a scope mount with an integrated Stick Shift and adjustable barricade wings.


Prototype from left side


Prototype from right side


Close-up left side


Close-up right side

These mounts are available in the U.S. right now. The cost is $750 plus actual shipping.

The initial wait time for these could be as long as a couple of months, until we have seen what the demand is and can ramp up production to match. At least to start with, the holes to bolt onto the gun will be blank because there are many different variations of number and location of holes.

Accuracy X has used one of our SSBMs and Prone Pads on a build, and has kindly shared the below "glamor shot" to showcase both our work, and theirs.


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It seems like if the hole patten matched the C-more, a USPSA shooter with a Trubor could attach this and shoot the Cup, then remove it for USPSA in the summer. Just need to drill and tap a few additional holes in the slide due to the C-more one sided mount.

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I dropped by Warren's today just to see what he was doing, he had some of the new shrouds out and almost completed. The photos don't really show just how nice they are. The fit and finish on these is beautiful, no sharp edges, with a bead blast on the rounded parts and a brushed finish on the flat areas. Any place an ejected shell could possibly get trapped has been flared. It's also lighter than I expected. I think at some point Warren will post more detailed photos but you really need to handle one to see just how nice it is.

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