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Action/iron man shooting matches?

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I had found something new to me on youtube but lost the link.

It was a pistol shooting competition where the competitors had to shoot under stress.

They did pushups in between strings and used Kettle bells. They had to throw heavy objects etc.

What association is this or what is it called,im going to try and ask my gun club to host such an event.

Thank you in advance

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That is cool but that isn't the one I cant find on youtube again. competitors were doing pushups and throwing a kettle bell and the range was outdoors but they were in a bay with walls and there was a backstop not a dirt mound. that is all I can remember I thought I saved it but I didn't. I wanted to put on a similar match at out private club here in Volusia Florida but I cannot find that video.

it was extreme to say the least, the emphasis was more on anaerobic activites than aerobic.

if I find it I will post it.

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