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Grip angle & shooting habits

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Hello All,

I hope I'm doing it right (posting that is) it's my first post here ever.

I currently own 2 unmatching pistols, 1 is "Bull M5 standard" for IPSC comps & the other is "HK P7M13".

What I'm trying to do is to find a way to accomplish a proper control over the both, the grip angles between these two are so far, that I find it almost impossible to "acquire sights" in a satisfying nature. I either shoot one of them properly OR the other(after many many range sessions). :unsure:

Thanks in advance for any advise.

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it takes alot of dry fire practice to do both. I have a S_I and a Glock that i try to do that with. Practice with the one you have the most problems with, i practice w/ the glock cause the S_I has a dot and grip angle isnt really affected for me.

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