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Magazine extension tube


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I just ordered one from Choate yesterday for my youngest daughters 1100 LT 20 ga. and they did still have a couple of 9 shot tubes (8+1). They are all not that cheap as hunks of threaded tubing go but they are the only game in town for the 20's and they are good quality extensions.


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On Choate's website I see they only have a 7 and a 10 shot extension mag for the 20 LT? So if I call them they should have a 9 rd? I'd like to get one for my Youth model with a 21" barrel and 7 isn't enough and I think 10 is too big. From doing searches I think an 8 or 9 round round should be good, right? As an alternative, can I get a 10 rd and cut it down or are these things threaded?


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You could use the 10-shell tube for shooting Open Division. Usually you can just load only 8 in a longer tube if you want to shoot in Standard Division. If a match needs the tube physically limited to 8 shells, you can put a 2-shell plug between the end cap and the magazine spring.



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