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Dillon Powder Measures

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I am asking Santa for a 550B to augment my SDB and have a question. I have a second powder measure for the SDB and will want two for the 550B (minimum).

Dillon has different part numbers for the various powder measures but they appear to be basically the same.

Can the SDB powder measure be used with a 550B and/or be retrofitted to work? Once I have the 550B the SDB will stay set up in one configuration and all the other calibers will get done on the 550B so the second SDB powder measure will be of little value.

Anyone tried this and/or have both at hand to take a peek at?

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Just looked at my 550 and SDB. They are almost the same. The upper half is identical. The lower half, where it attaches to the tool head, is different. I'm sure you can get Dillon to sell you the parts to the lower half so that you can change it to a 550 setup.

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