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OAL for 200grain .45's


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When I load .45's I normally use 230 grain jacketed round nose bullets. However I just bought a box of Ranier 200 grain jacketed round nose bullets and can not find a listing for the OAL. I use Titegroup.

1.) Does anyone know a site that lists this data?

2.) Can the OAL using a round nose bullet be the same as using a hollow point?

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around 1.200 should work fine..

i found these bullets to be the wrong shape (for the 45 acp)

you have to crimp the bullet on the ogive of the bullet to make the correct OAL.

fed 100 percent and were plenty accurate despite odd shape/

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I use to load those in my HK. I also used Titegroup and loaded to an OAL of 1.180-1.195 with a crimp of .469. Now I switched bullets to Berrys 200g RS and still load to the same OAL and crimp. Every once in awhile I use West Coast 200g, once again with the same load specs. I have found these to give me my best accuracy.

Hope this helps.


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Wow. With a 200gr LSWC, I load to 1.260" (same as with a 230 LRN), and have had no problems in my single stack.

My speer manual lists 1.275" as the max length, and the shortest load that book lists is 1.155" for a 200 gr. JHP.

Pretty big range, but there it is.


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