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So after 15 years, I've been forced to change powder since VV N350 is no longer available. Seems 3N38 is the only other VV option still in stock. Does anyone have a proven load for 38 Super 5" (32 Twist) 3 port HybriComp barrel, and 115gr bullets? Or something that will get me started?


Dave Pruitt



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I just typed 3N38 into the 9mm/38 loading forum and got 14 pages to sort through. Should be something in there useful Dave.

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slight thread drift ahead....Have they stopped making N350, or is it just next to impossible to get right now?

If you want an unopened 4lb jug (or two) of N350, let me know.

Long story short, they lost the license to manufacture powder in the factory. A little bird in high places told me. Shot Show should bring some news if the plant will move to the US.

I am always looking for N350 as my preferred powder. Just hoping to get me to the end of 2014 for the World Shoot. If you have extra, I would be indebted to your offer.

Kevin, thanks for your assistance. I was just hoping to find one specifically for the setup I am running. Save me some time loading. When you shoot/load as much as I do in a year you just get sick of change/testing loads.

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So did they stop all powder or just 350?

Dave I like 3n37. All VV are hard to get since this last panic rush buying

I was told that they stopped making all VV powders. Pistol powder is drop in the bucket compared to the amount of rifles powders they make. I am sure they will figure out a way to get up and running again, possibly here is the states which would be awesome and would make the powder cheaper. (no importation)

I used to shoot 3N37 but changed to N350 since the burn rate was a little slower which allowed the powder burn to peak in the comp. 3N37 was faster and better for shortly top ends.

Looks like 11gr is a good starting load for the 3N38, I appreciate you all taking the time to offer up those suggestions.



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Dave, I wouldn't start at 11 gr. That is going to be an extremely hot load for almost any gun with 121 grain bullets. Even 10 grains is borderline high and I wouldn't recommend it . . . but that's close to where I am.

Vihtavuori recommends a max load of only 9.6 for 123 grain bullets . . . but that just doesn't do it in my popple-holed shorties.

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